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The Oceanwoods Homeowners Association will be holding its annual meeting on
Monday, October 13, 2014 at 7:30pm in the Clubhouse.  
For details and Proxy,
please click here.

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               URGENT MESSAGE

To:               All Oceanwoods Residents/Unit Owners
From:           Oceanwoods Board of Managers
Date:            September 15, 2014
Subject:        Surveyor Access To Your Unit; Saturday, October 4th, 2014
  And E-Mail Address Registration

As most, if not all of you have heard, your Board of Managers have been dealing with
New York City Build-It-Back (NYCBIB) to finance the repairs to our buildings from
Hurricane Sandy.  This is a multi-million dollar project.  This is not a loan, it’s a grant.

As part of the contract with NYCBIB we have a requirement to pursue the acquisition
of Flood Insurance.  This is coverage to the exterior of the Units, it doesn’t replace the
requirement you have to maintain your own personal interior Flood Insurance.

To obtain this insurance, we are required to obtain Elevation Surveys of our entire
community.  This means,
every Unit must be surveyed.  NYCBIB has agreed to finance
this survey with the understanding that every Unit must be surveyed.

We have contracted with a Surveyor, who will be here at Oceanwoods with multiple
Surveying Teams on
Saturday, October, 4th.  It is a critical necessity that you allow
access to the Survey Team to your Unit
.  They must take measurements from your
second floor.  If you cannot be available on the October 4th, it’s necessary that you provide
your keys to a friend/neighbor who will allow the Survey Team access.  A member of the
Board of Managers will be accompanying each of the Survey Teams.

We don’t have a complete schedule at this time, but we expect the Survey Teams to arrive
in the early morning and work throughout the entire day.  As soon as we have any schedule,
we will notify you.
 If you don’t allow access on Saturday, October 4th, the Surveyor
will be required to return to your Unit at your expense, which will be in the hundreds
of dollars.

If we don’t have 100% cooperation, the NYCBIB grant of millions of dollars will be
in jeopardy.

An added advantage to you, the Unit owner, is that you may obtain the Elevation Survey for
your personal Flood Insurance.

Your Board of Managers intends to keep you updated on all aspects of this project.  In order
to provide timely updates, we will be using electronic communications such as e-mails and our Oceanwoods web
site.  To obtain these updates you must provide your e-mail address to the
Board.  We cannot print “update flyers” and hand deliver nor mail them in a timely manner.  

To facilitate the effort of providing e-mail addresses, our web site,
has been updated for you to register your e-mail address.  Please go the and under PLEASE REGISTER YOUR CONTACT
on the Home Page, click ”Please click here to register”.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Your Oceanwoods Board of Managers

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AUGUST 25, 2014
New York City Build-It-Back Update
As most of you have heard, our Board of Managers have
been working closely with New York City Build-It-Back
(NYCBIB) and Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to address the
damages to the building exteriors in our community from Hurricane Sandy.  

We are happy to announce that NYCBIB is planning to select a Contractor
on Monday, August 25th from the bids that have been submitted.  
On Wednesday, August 27th the Officers of the Oceanwoods Board will be signing
a Grant Contract with NYCBIB to begin this multi-million dollar project.

We extend a sincere “thank you” to all those at NYCBIB who have worked so diligently
to provide the oversight and funding for this project.

We will be communicating with you the details of this entire project in the very near future.

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NYC Build-It-Back Update
The special meeting for all Oceanwoods homeowners held on Thursday, May 8th at
7:30pm at the Oasis Christian Center (539 Greeley Avenue) was poorly attended.  
A great opportunity was missed by so many homeowners. There are 100 homeowners
here in Oceanwoods.  Of those 100, 66 have applied to the NYC Build-It-Back Program.
Only 25 homeowners attended the meeting.

This meeting wasn’t held for the Board of Managers; it was organized and held for all the
homeowners.  Even if you didn’t apply for the NYC Build-It-Back Program there was
vital information shared that could impact everyone in Oceanwoods.

A representative from the NYC Build-It-Back Program,
Ms. Rebecca Mize
Project Manager, Multifamily Storm Recovery Preservation Finance Dept.
100 Gold St, NYC   10038
Room 9-U3C
Fax: 212-863-6407 /
provided an update on the Program and how it affects us as condominium homeowners.  
There was also a Question and Answer period.  Some highlights of the meeting included:
-    The NYC Build-It-Back Program has recognized that multi-dwelling units need to be
addressed differently than individual detached homes.
-    Multi-Dwelling units, like Oceanwoods, cannot be raised.
-    To address the special needs of multi-dwelling units, the NYC Build-It-Back Program
has formed a special department to address our needs.
*    Firstly, this new department will assist those homeowners who registered for the
Program to help initially reimburse up to 60% of their Hurricane Sandy expenses.  
There is no longer a restriction to only address those homes labeled as “Priority 1”.  
All 3 priorities are now being addressed.
*   Secondly, and vital to all Oceanwoods homeowners, since they recognize that
multi-dwelling units like ours cannot be raised they will assist us by conducting a  
Damage Assessment inspection and investigating means of helping us better water
proof our buildings.
o   This could include installing new fronts, sides and rears with materials that would
better protect us from potential future water damage.
o    It may also include new roofs.
o    How would it work? We would select 3 Contractors and submit their bids to
NYC Build-It-Back. They would select 1 Contractor and sign a contract with
o   NYC Build-It-Back would cover the entire cost of the project.
o   A NYC Build-It-Back Site Manager would be assigned during construction to
insure all work is done to Code and on schedule.
*    Thirdly, our NYC DEP water bill is very expensive. Just to remind you, it’s upwards
of $100,000 annually.  That’s $1,000 that you the homeowner must pay through
your Common Charges.
o   Your Board of Managers along with CMA has pursued many avenues to reduce
our water bill obligation during the year of our rebuilding, when we were not even
residing in our homes. We have contacted and corresponded with DEP and local
politicians many times, to no avail.
o    We are now pursuing relief from the NYC Build-It-Back Program.
*    Lastly, in order for our Condominium to obtain funds from the NYC Build-It-Back
Program EVERY homeowner, all 100, must complete a
“F7: Income Self Certification Form for Tenants” form.  It’s an extremely easy form
to complete.  All you need to do is check your income level, complete 2 easy Head
of Household questions, note your address and sign.
-   The New York City Build-It-Back web site is:

Now is the time that we as 100 individual homeowners, need to come together as a united
community.  This is YOUR HOME.  This is YOUR INVESTMENT.  
We need YOUR INVOLVEMENT AND COOPERATION to protect our homes.  
This is not the Board of Managers community, it is YOURS!

You’re Board of Managers                                                                         May 15th, 2014

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[FEBRUARY 20 - MARCH 15, 2013]
Below is an article from the Staten Island Advance (and posted on SILive) that is of interest to
all Oceanwoods and  Midland Beach homeowners.  Please taken special note of the meeting and
appeal dates.  We just lost a significant amount of value in our homes, and now NYC says we
need to pay higher Real Estate Taxes.

Staten Island homeowners can attend meeting about property tax
By Stephanie Slepian, Staten Island Advance (on February 11, 2013 at 8:00 AM,
updated February 11, 2013 at 9:39 AM)

If you think the city Department of Finance got it wrong when they assessed the value of your
home, there's still time to ask questions.

The Finance Department and the Tax Commission will hold joint sessions to answer questions
from homeowners about how their properties were valued on Thursday (2/14/13) from
10 a.m. to noon, and Feb. 20 from 6 to 8:30 p.m., both at 350 St. Marks Pl., St. George.

And if you still don't agree with the assessment, you can file an appeal.

Homeowners in Tax Class 1 properties -- mostly residential homes -- have until March 15.

Those in Tax Class 2, 3 and 4 properties need to file their appeals by March 1.

Here's a breakdown of each class: Tax Class 2 includes co-ops, condos and rentals;
Tax Class 3 includes properties owned by a utility, and Tax Class 4 includes commercial

Notice of Property Values, which were mailed last month, reflect the value of the property
as of Jan. 5, and are used to calculate how much tax will be owed for the next tax year,
which begins July 1.

The notices should reflect damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. Appeals can be filed with the
Tax Commission by visiting

The agency has the authority to reduce the property's assessment, change its tax class or adjust exemptions.
Further descriptions of tax classes and the definitions of market and assessed values are
available at

Visit SILive for the original article.

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