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Community Management Associates (CMA)
2791 Richmond Avenue, Suite 204
Staten Island, New York 10314
(718) 317-6937

Dick Trattner

Tracy, Debra and Nadine.

(718) 317-6937

CMA has been in business for over thirty years.  We choose to only
manage on Staten Island and are fully insured and bonded.  We have also taken
over the management of many communities from almost every management
company that does business on Staten Island.  CMA does not employ hired
property managers.  Only the principals are involved in the direct management of
a community's affairs.  We currently manage communities ranging in size from 25
to 350 Units and have long time relationships (i.e. over fifteen years) with many
of these communities.

In addition to doing total management for the communities, which we manage,
we also bring a unique perspective and experience to our management because
one of its principles has been and is a member of the Board of Directors (also,
Treasurer and V. P.) for his own community (the largest HOA on Staten Island) for
the past thirty years.  So in effect, we have experience from both the management
and managed sides of the table.