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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This section will contain frequently asked questions to the Board and
our management company.

We are in the process of documenting these items.  If there is a question
you feel should be included, please forward the question at
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Board of Managers:
(1)  When there's no quorum at an Annual Homeowners Meeting and as a results there's no
Board of Mangers Election, how are new Board Members selected?
ANSWER:  The Board of Managers have the authority to fill any open Board Member positions.

(2)  How are the Board of Managers Officers selected?
ANSWER:  According to our By-Laws the members of the Board of Managers always
elect the Officers

New York City Build-It-Back (NYCBIB) Project:
(1)  If the Contractor finds structural problems, who is financially responsible for the repair?
ANSWER:  If its storm related, the contingency portion of the Grant.  If not storm related,
Oceanwoods is responsible.  (10/13/2014)

(2)  Who’s responsible for possible damage to decks and shrubs?
ANSWER:  The Contractor will take all possible measurements to protect property.  If any
accidental damage occurs the Contractor is responsible.  If it’s unavoidable damage necessary
for a repair, it’s the Homeowners/Renters responsibility.  (10/13/2014)

(3)  Who do we contact if there’s an issue?
ANSWER:  The Homeowner/Renter needs to contact the Board representative if time is of the
essence.  If it’s not time sensitive, the Oceanwoods website should be used.  CMA is not to be
contacted for construction related issues.  (10/13/2014)

(4)  Can our rear yards be used during construction?
ANSWER:  No.  (10/13/2014)

(5)  After doing some research, vinyl siding appears to have waterproofing issues.  Why was vinyl
siding selected?
ANSWER:  Based upon NYCBIB inspectors and architects, we were mandated to use vinyl as
part of the Grant’s specifications.  We expect no waterproofing issues.  Marine grade plywood
plus 1/2” insulation/vapor barrier is being installed under the vinyl.  (10/13/2014)

(6)  For those Clusters whose upper front isn’t being replaced, when will they be replaced and
who will pay for it?
ANSWER:  The upper fronts not being replaced under this Grant will be addressed upon the
completion of the entire project.  The cost will be shared by all the Homeowners of Oceanwoods,
even those who’s upper front were replaced with the Grant. While no consideration has been given
to this as yet, it is possible that a loan may be required and/or a special assessment.  We expect that
the $50,000-$60,000 we spent on building maintenance every 4-5 years can be redirected to this
effort.  (10/13/2014)

(7)  Are the current asbestos shingles a health hazard?
ANSWER:  According to the NYCDOB, no.  The shingles are non-friable and contain low levels
of asbestos.  They will be handled and discarded in a special manner.  Air monitoring with be
performed during the entire process.  (10/13/2014)

(8)  Who’s responsible for the removal and replacing of fencing?
ANSWER:  The Contractor.  (10/13/2014)

(9)  Can a Homeowner refuse the work to be performed on their Unit?
ANSWER:  No.  The Condominium owns and is responsible for the building exterior.  The Board
will deal with any unoccupied Units.  (10/13/2014)

(10)  Will multiple Clusters be worked on at the same time?
ANSWER:  At this time, no.  Upon total completion of a Cluster, the next Cluster will begin.

(11)  When will the Elevation Certificates be available?
ANSWER:  Within the next few weeks.  To repeat that was previously stated:
Upon receiving the Elevation Surveys, the Board will post the surveys on our Oceanwoods
website (  The Homeowners are welcomed to download their
Elevation Survey to pursue their own personal interior Flood Insurance.  It was noted that the
survey may or may not result in any personal Flood Insurance premium adjustment, lower or
higher.  The Homeowners use of the Elevation Survey is totally their decision and responsibility.